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Workers' Compensation Brokers in Montana, MT


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               * Direct Bill Insurance Products Available in All Non Monopolistic States.

 Available Programs:  Carrier Risk Tolerance:

Pay As You Go Workers' Compensation

All risks acceptable:  low, medium, and high.

Includes risks such as contractors, trucking, roofing, and temporary staffing.

Pay As You Go General Liability

Contractor and service risks acceptable:  low, medium, and high.

Commercial Insurance- 12 Equal Installs

Non-construction risks only.

Commercial Insurance- Standard Lines Most risks.


 Workers' Compensation Information:  Owners Wages for Workers' Compensation

Individuals and Partners

$44,000- Min Annual Payroll (effective 07.01.07).

Sole-proprietors and Partners covered only if endorsed on policy.

LLC Members

Treated the same as executive officers.

Statutorily excludes when:

1. does not perform ordinary duties of a worker and does not receive pay for duties.

2. is engaged primarily in household employment for the LLC.

3. owns 20% or more of the LLC.

4. is the immediate family member.

May elect to be covered.


A working member who is an independent contractor shall elect coverage under one of three compensation plans, but can apply for an independent contractor exemption:

1. stated minimum per month.

2. maximum of 1.5 times the state average weekly wage, or

3. a coverage level between the min and max amounts ($10,400 - $41,600).

Corporate Officers: Corporations

$10,400- Min Annual Payroll (effective 07.01.96).

Executives may be excluded by endorsement.

An executive who does not receive pay for performing duties of a worker, or owns 20% or more of a corp, or is an immediate family member of an executive owning 20% or more is excluded.  Can elect coverage.


 General Liability Information:  Owners Wages for General Liability:

Individuals and Partners

$15,700- flat annual.

Corporate Officers & LLC Members

$28,800- flat annual.


* Information contained herein is based on the most accurate data as of the time of posting.  Please check with you states Division of Workers' Compensation Insurance for the most up to date information and to verify accuracy.


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